We’re very picky when it comes to choosing our partners and, even though we’re always on the lookout for new, beautiful models, you should know that we’re always looking beyond design, especially since the HORECA field only requires furniture that can pass the test of time and frequent use.

We recently told you about our partnership with ACTIU and we’re hoping that through this we managed to help you understand why we chose them. But today we’re going to talk about another one of our suppliers, a supplier for which we are also the sole representatives in Romania – SCAB Design. We’ve been working for a long time with the people behind this brand, they never disappointed us, and that’s precisely why we think you too should get to know them better.

SCAB Design is about creative force, attention to details, beautiful concepts and, surely not least, functionality. SCAB was born in 1957 and it quickly became an Italian symbol in the filed, especially since it’s deeply rooted in tradition.

We think that it’s these roots that are also responsible for their drive to perfection and we’re not only talking about the design process itself, but also about research, production and distribution. In fact, their devotion to the idea of leaving nothing to chance can be seen in everything, including in their care for the environment, and this is something we always appreciated. All the materials that make up their furniture pieces (and we’re also talking about technopolymers) are 100% recyclable, each element is properly marked for easy sorting and, furthermore, they optimized all their systems for maximum efficiency, avoiding waste on every level.

But we know for a fact that what recommends brands best in this field is their actual work, so we’re inviting you to see a couple of SCAB Design pieces that we included in our portfolio:

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If we peaked your interest, there are plenty more models to be seen in the modern chairs section of our website and also in other sections. Or, if something really caught your eye and you’d like to see it for real, do pay us a visit at our Showroom.

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