We are lucky to be challenge lovers, because every project we are involved in is different and it comes along with special requests that need personalized solutions. And this way of working got us used to being flexible, but it also made us look for our portfolio very different pieces, pieces that can fit any kind of need.

For instance, we showed you here an example of a restaurant for which we supplied wooden furniture, elegant, classy and classical with slight modern touches. These were specific elements of that particular business, thus the furniture itself had to reflect its particularities. Today, in return, we will be showing you a sample of another lovely space, but with almost opposite requirements – Ceva Dulce in Timisoara.

We could say that we are talking about a special kind of sweets’ shop, but that is more or less accurate. However, if you’ll ever get to visit the particular space that hosts Ceva Dulce (translateable as Something Sweet), you are sure to find „delicious sweets from all over the world. Almost too beautiful to be eaten.” And the essence of the concept includes „cute little jars filled with colorful candy, bags of jelly beans and boxes of irrezistible chocolate”, so it’s easy to guess that the business fully identifies itself with play, joy, openness and colors. Of course, as we’ve already settled, the furniture has to inspire the exact same playful, joyful and colorful sensations, and what we provided them with looked in the end exactly like this:


We simply loved their concept and the design proposed by Ezzo Design. And now, looking at how beautiful the pieces merged and integrated in the overall ensemble, we almost get the feeling that we played around, which strengthens even more our commitment to what we already love doing. Furthermore, we are happy when we think about the fact that all those who will be going there to satisfy their „sweet tooth” will be leaving smiling all the way, because the entire design will have inspired them with joy and optimism.

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