One of the most recent projects in our Chairry portfolio is Caffè Ritazza – the first coffee shop in Romania from this beloved franchise of the world, appreciated in plenty of countries from all around – in Europe (for example in France, Denmark or Sweden), in Asia (Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc.), and in the United States (plus Canada).

You already know all too well that we love good coffee, so it was truly a pleasure to handle the challenge of furnishing the first location of the chain, especially since the spirit of this brand is quite similar to ours: fresh, dynamic, positive, friendly. As they say it themselves, their „aim is simple, to bring to busy travellers great coffee, freshly made food, in a space that is uncluttered and where the service is efficient and friendly.”

But exactly because a part of their concept is defined by the space itself and because this first location was open in Plaza Mall, in Bucharest, and malls aren’t necessarily the kind of spaces that are best associated with the idea of „uncluttered”, the furniture had to perfectly merge confort and the spirit of the brand, offering plenty of available seats, so that customers can enjoy their coffee and food, but to also keep a general sens of visual openness, to simply be easy on the eye.

Thus, the furniture pieces chosen for the coffee shop were chosen in such a way that they merged gentle shades of neutral grey and colorful hihghlights in a bold red, just so that they could connect with the thirst for action of the „busy travellers” and the obvious need of relaxation after the chaotic run. Also, you’ll see that Caffè Ritazza has a very diverse mic of chairs, sofas and stools, a mix symbolic to the cultural blend of the big cities where you’ll find the restaurants in the chain.

Do check out for yourselves what has been created there and for now enjoy here a sample of the scene:



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