We’ve been telling you that our portfolio is in a constant process of refinement and we’re always paying a close eye on new trends and furniture makers from all over the world in order to give you quality furniture, with a special design, both for spaces in the HORECA area (hotels, restaurants, bars, coffee shops and so on) and offices.

We work with partners from Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany, Great Britain, Turkey and other countries. In fact, we’ve already introduced you to some of them (for example, Actiu or ZOWN), and today we want to talk to you about B&T.

B&T has more than twenty years of expertise in the field of furniture. They were born in 1993, in a metal atelier and they wanted right from the very beginning to grow and become a world recognizable brand. Today you can certainly say that they fulfilled their dream, because their furniture completes spaces from all over the world, in fifty different countries, from France to the United Emirates and from Australia to Romania.

Although their roots are in Turkey, you won’t be finding the rich ornamental pieces that you might think of when it comes to an oriental culture. Not at all. B&T tends to design pieces that are modern, minimalistic, contemporary, just as you’d expect from a global brand.

The core-concepts behind their philosophy are quality and the desire for progress, and on top of them you’ll find a love for design and a devotion to comfort, all in a frame of symbiosis between designer, producer and user.

They have various and complex procedures through which they bring chairs, sofas, armchairs and tables to life, putting the same effort into functional structures and details in the finishing touches. They are artisans of metal, remember that’s how they started, masters of polyurethane foam, and upholstery artists. So we are glad that we can bring their pieces to the Romanian market and we’re inviting you to discover what suits you best from their portfolio (keep in mind that you can contact us for more information here).

And in the end, we suppose that nothing could recommend them better than their own work, right?

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