The summer season is oficially starting and, even if the 1st of May isn’t especially warm, summer vibes are starting to float in the air and we’re kind of counting the days until the dinasty of sun lounges and beach umbrellas will start its reign. But we can’t think about furniture for pools and beaches without thinking about are partners at Balliu.

We often contact our Spanish supplier and we do this because we know that the Balliu products recommend it as truly being „specialists in outdoor furniture for professionals”. In fact, they set out right from the beginning on designing and manufacturing the best quality products for this niche and they’ve been doing a great job at it for more than 45 years, with constant research and development. They’ve rightfully become a global brand that collaborates even with the major hotel chains in the world and every order they deliver to us confirms that they truly „get the best results in functionality, comfort and durability”, combining „the best technical ideas with the latest trends in design”.

They’re committed, they love innovation and they strongly believe in the concepts of team, quality and sustainability. And they put these five core values in all their products and services. They mostly work with resins and aluminum, but the raw materials are custom made for them, so this can only mean that their frames are very strong. But the adjacent fabrics are just as strong, Balliu being one of the pioneers of using textile sling for sun loungers. And surely not least, we really like about them the love we share for colors; they’re not afraid of vivid colors, strong shades and daring combinations, and this is certainly good for the end customer, because he’s sure to stand out with such an outdoor furniture.

We hope you’ll have a greet mini-holiday for this 1st of May, whether this means relaxation or wild parties at the seaside. We’re looking forward to seeing our pieces smiling at the sun again, perfectly aligned on the shore.

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