Chairry has recently become the official representative of the ACTIU brand in Romania. As soon as we saw some of their products we simply knew that they’d fit right into our portfolio, because they are truly special and we believe they’re significantly different from anything else on the Romanian office furniture market.

What did we like about them? Well, it’s probably obvious already that we loved their designs, but our attraction is based on much more than simple appearances. We had the opportunity of visiting their Industrial building in Spain and we came into contact with their organizational culture. We saw a good part of their products and we carefully studied the way they manufacture furniture. We liked everything we saw there and what really sealed the deal was their commitment to revolutionize the idea of working space. You may have already guessed from their name, but the essence of their principles is motion and you can see that in shapes and even more in their approach, since they are so open to change and innovation.

What moves them? They say it themselves: growth (after all, they started from a small town and now you can find them in 70 countries from 5 continents), attention towards details and comfort, respect for the environment, care for their most important resource – people, their talent and commitment, sustainability, technology and communication. In fact, this might be the best way of seeing what really moves the people at ACTIU:

And yes, we meant it, they actually care a lot about the environment and in regard to this we’re only telling you that their complex was the first building in Europe to have a LEED Gold certification, a genuine recognition for their building’s sutainability:

So, if you’ll ever want to reshape your office, have faith in us! We can offer you complete solutions that are both beautiful, practical and creative!

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