As we had told you about two weeks ago, starting with the 17th of March we’ve been at the 14th edition of the Romanian exhibit for hotel utilities (Salonul de Dotari Hoteliere si Alimentatie Publica), and the members of the Chairry team were on site every day until today at 4:00 PM. Now, at the end, while we are checking the final details before we pack up and go, we really want to thank all those who visited us at the exhibition center in Mamaia and we want to do this while our memories and emotions are still fresh, because this was a very pleasant experience.

Thus, thank you, all of you who dropped by at our Chairry exhibitional stand in the last couple of days! Thank you for the enthusiasm, for your time, for the pleasant dialogues, for every form of feedback and even for the occasional challenges! We’re always grateful for every opportunity we get to talk about furniture, design, all that is beautiful, HORECA and so on. So every conversation was appreciated and it really helped us grow somehow. We believe that we managed to prove the quality and the unique character of our Chairry products and, of course, we are looking forward to our next conversation!

And thank you, dear friends and faithful partners! Thank you for visiting us during the exhibit! Seeing you is always a joy, and some of you we really hadn’t seen in a while. Actually, for too long! We promise we’ll do all we can so that we’ll be seeing each other way more often.

In fact, you might say that we have already made the first steps in this direction and, at least with you guys, those in Constanta, we’ll definitely be able to keep in touch much easier from here on, because last week we opened an office in Constanta as well! Yes, Chairry loves to be close to the sea, closer to the summer, the sun, the beach, among other reasons for facilitating the dialogue with our collaborators at the seaside and in order to make the whole logistic process easier with the South-Eastern part of the country. We’re looking forward to your visit!

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