When you want to progress, it’s always a good idea to look at the peaks in your domain. And if we’re talking about hotels, we should definitely look at the famous Burj Al Arab in Dubai, the tallest hotel in the world and known as “the most luxurious hotel in the world”.

In fact, the Burj Al Arab is said to be the only hotel in the world that is truly worthy of the “seven stars” ranking, category reserved for “superior luxury”, which requires an intense care system for the guests. However, the hotel chooses not to use this classification in its official communications, even though it has been offering right from the beginning (1999) a private butler for every room and a series of other VIP services. Furthermore, really, where else would you get a 24K gold iPad to use it as a “virtual concierge”?

Luxury is in all the details and it shouldn’t surprise you that 2.000 square meters of gold foil were used for decorating the interior spaces. Khuan Chew was in charge of the interior design an he chose themes connected to the pure elements of nature: water (represented by the fountains), air (materialized in the steam rising up from the fountains), fire (also seen, through a visual trick, inside the same fountains) and earth (present through marble and stone).

As for what the eyes can easily see, it’s no wonder that the designer chose white columns, mosaics, vivid colors, golden sculptures and elements specific to the oriental culture. We are talking about the Burj Al Arab which translates to “The Tower of the Arabs” and the building itself set out right from the beginning to become a symbol of Dubai, just as The Eiffel Tower is for Paris. And it actually succeeded in becoming the representative landmark.

Every royal suite is decorated with marble, gold and velvet and has a unique design. This is how every one of them becomes a separate kingdom and the most luxurious apartment, 780 square meters big, decorated fit to its status and enriched with special facilities, was in 2012 the 12th most expensive hotel suite in the world (with a nightly rate of $18.716).

It’s truly impressive and its story would spread on many, many lines, starting with the building itself, which required very creative technical solutions in order to take shape as such, especially in that environment, and continuing with every unique finishing touch. We, of course, carefully looked at the furniture, but a simple description would not be enough, so we’re inviting you to see them with your very own eyes:

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