We are here to help you shape simple spaces into successful businesses and you couldn’t do that without creating the right ambiance in your restaurant, pub, bar or coffee house. Of course, when it comes to furniture, you can always count on us, but it’s about more than that and you have to mix and match a lot of elements, so we thought it would be a good idea to write about some of the essential principles of good interior design.

The first on the list should probably be about unity and harmony, meaning that the space you’re working on should be thought of as a whole and even if you have separate sections, those too should “communicate” with the rest, thus maintaining the same style, theme and colors.

Balance is also very important, but you should not be afraid that you have to go with the classic idea of the symmetrical balance, with mirrored matching objects. For modern spaces (but not limited to them) you can always go with the asymmetrical balance which gives any space a dynamic feel thanks to different elements that attract the eye in similar ways. But it’s true that these asymmetrical balances are harder to achieve and, if you’re still opposed to the symmetrical ones, you still have an option – a radial symmetry – placing everything around a central point.

But too much order might turn your space into a boring one and the solution that’s most at hand to avoid this is adding a focal point, whether you choose to highlight it through contrast, lighting or any other way. Still, you should be careful not to make it too “strong” because you don’t want it to highjack all the attention from the whole picture.

Definitely not least, it’s good to know that you also need a certain rhythm for your space and you can get that through repetition (using patterns, textures, lines etc. in different places), progression (for example, size variations for certain objects or color gradients), transition (a somewhat discrete tool that naturally leads the eyes in a specific way – for example, an arch) or contrast (effective through both color or shape).

Of course, it’s not easy to combine all of these principles, but in the end you’ll simply “feel” the right vibe in a harmonious space.

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