We often work with architects and that helped us understand the true value of your efforts in every day to day activity. In fact, because we had access to bits and pieces of your world and we acknowledge the resources you put into every detail, we decided to organize an event in your honor.

We’d love to catch up with architects we already know, but we’d also like to meet new architects and we plan on giving you all everything you need for a relaxing evening, far from the pressure you’re too well accustomed to.

But we’re also excited about meeting the fresh Architecture graduates! In fact, we have a special contest for you guys. You could win a Chairry chair for your future office and you won’t need anything more than the project you’re already working hard on these days. All you have to do is send us an e-mail at info@chairry.net with 1-2 renderings or relevant pictures of your project. You should send them in .pdf format until Thursday, the 10th of July. We’ll print them in A3 format and we’ll display them during the event. Our guests will vote for their favorites and the creator of the most popular project is sure to win this:


So, dear architects, we’re looking forward to seeing you in our Chairry Showroom, on Saturday, the 12th of July, starting with 18:00. We’re in charge of creating the perfect setting for relaxing chats and a good time with live music, wine tastings and a delicacies buffet. Furthermore, since the party will be held in the FAUR industrial park, you’ll get the chance to look closely at a historical monument, almost 100 years old, thus started during the times when Bucharest truly was Little Paris.

[UPDATE] One of our special guests for this event will be Gencho Goev, head designer and manager at Goev Design. He is one of the best in Bulgaria and his work translates into 10 years of experience and 20 awards for design. Also, he thought of a unique concept for his team and initiated wonderful projects. The latest project is GRID – Laboratory for Design and Development and is meant to stimulate young designers and help them grow their practical skills and professional abilities. This platform of young talents is currently centered around Bulgaria, but we really liked the idea of GRID, especially since the growth process was conceived so that they would get acquainted with the world of advertising, marketing and so on.

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