Dear architect friends, we really enjoyed having you with us at the Architects’ Evening! Thanks to you we had a lovely evening and we enjoyed seeing some of our old partners in projects, we were thrilled to meet new people and, surely not least, we were quite impressed with the fresh generation of architects. We were expecting to see beautiful, energetic, creative and ambitious young people, but you were above our expectations and we truly hope we’ll keep in touch.

Also, we’d like to thank the Dean of the Interior Design and Design Department, Marius Marcu-Lapadat, not only for accepting our invitation and honoring us with his presence and a few words at the event, but also for helping us reach the students prior to the event.

Of course, we simply have to thank the ones who were actively involved in the event itself, because the success was surely a consequence of their efforts. So we thank Luminița Tzakis (Crama Oprișor) for the wine tasting, Silvia Constantin (SCAE Romania) for the wonderful coffee, professionally made by the skilled hands of a barista, Gencho Goev, our special guest from Bulgaria, and the Str. POGO band for the lovely music.

And surely not least, we want to thank you, our dear friends that are always close to us at major events and you, members of the Chairry team, because you’re so dedicated to our mission and you contribute every day to what and who we are.

We thank each and every one of you and we hope to meet again as soon as possible, whether we’ll be working together on an interesting project or simply meet and share smiles and creative ideas, just as we did on Saturday evening.

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